"We’ve had big brassy funky vintage soul-meets-country-blues bands before, but none has had more chair-by-chair excellence in musicianship, showmanship and vocal power than The Dustbowl Revival out of Los Angeles. They kicked off with a bit of Beale Street rumba blues then slid into a sharp and funky film noir vibe built on the acoustic bass of James Klopfleisch. He and the other instrumentalists showed incredible polish and schooling. But the band’s signature vibe radiates from lead vocalists Liz Beebe and Zach Lupetin. He is stylish and charismatic, with great rhythm. She’s a vocal powerhouse with shaky-shaky seductiveness. Her brassy, bluesy lead on “Feels Good” was one magnificent moment of many. The band wrapped with “Lampshade On,” in which our cooperative crowd made in-chair lampshade donning gestures along with the lyrics."



"...a raging stage act from Venice that features a super-tasty mash of bluegrass, gospel, pre-war blues and hot, hot swing of New Orleans. As ripped out by some of the best soloists in any band around town, Dustbowl’s savory blend of the best of Americana is even sort of scholarly, but that’d make ’em sound dried up, which they’re not. Nope, this is roots music pulled up by its roots, dusted off and flung into one very fiery stewpot." 



"The group is like a band of time-hopping vagabonds swirling through the centuries picking up and passing along tunes that make you want to swing, stomp and reel."



"This nine-piece mini-orchestra’s devotion to the roots of American jazz and folk is as impassioned and meticulous as it is razor sharp, vibrant and gloriously jubilant.



"Dustbowl reaches across the entire country for inspiration, brewing up a unique sound influenced by Dixieland jazz, Delta blues, New Orleans swing, East Coast bluegrass, and various points in between...[and] rolls those genres into something cohesive, often using traditional songs and old hymns as jumping-off points for the band’s own material."



"In a city like Los Angeles, home to musical stars in nearly every known genre, handing out the Best Live Band title is not easy. But the free-thinking local collective Dustbowl Revival's upbeat, old-school, All-American sonic safaris exemplify everything shows should be: hot, spontaneous, engaging and, best of all, a pleasure to hear. " 



From Outside Lands Music Festival:                                                                  "It was an old-time medicine show featuring the kind of roots music that normally isn't my cup of twang, except it offered great bands like the Dustbowl Revival, whose Americana swing was so fun I went back to see them again the next day."



"A nine-piece band replete with tuba, washboard, accordion, fiddle, mandolin, trumpet and guitar joyously pumped out early 20th century standards and original tunes that would have sounded utterly at home within the hallowed confines of Preservation Hall in New Orleans' French Quarter. The seven men, most with suspenders attached to well-worn trousers, broad ties and vests and some sporting 1930s-vintage newsboy caps, and two women in flapper-inspired dresses, are members of a ragtag outfit called the Dustbowl Revival, strumming, sawing and puffing enthusiastically as smiling listeners on the dance floor swung their partners infectiously."



"The music is so genuine, you can almost taste the PBR and port wine being passed around the front porch during the Great Depression on the bayou, or on the post-fire Chicago streets. Trumpets blaze, guitars wail, and the spirit of a great revival becomes you."



"...a deliriously fun old time party band."



"A natural opening act for The Lumineers or Mumford and Sons"



"The Dustbowl Revival is a musical time machine that, I would hazard a guess, plays plenty of encores



“Freewheeling Dustbowl Revival enjoys working without a net”

-Chicago Sun Times